Sunday, March 11, 2012


Somethings are about to change...and while I wasnt expecting it...and it was the result of something not so great...Im actually pretty excited about it.

Ill update when we know for sure what exactly is happening :)

Saturday, March 10, 2012

I finally broke down and bought one...

A swiffer wet jet that is! Im always the last one to get on the trend train...and their commercials annoyed me to no end. But now my mop will be singing the "baby come back" song becuase I freaking love my wet jet! It made mopping so much easier and the cleaning solution leaves my floors really shiny. They arent actual hardwood they have this dull luster to them when I used a mop...but they look a lot better now. And its not nearly as much work. The only down side is having to purchase more pads and cleaning solution..and Im a lets hope its not too expensive :)

here are my floors after:

Friday, March 9, 2012

My first blog since myspace...

Ha..that was a long time ago wasn't it? Blogging used to be that passive aggressive way people would tell people how they really felt about something on myspace. Or make an interesting title and then set it to "private" just to piss off their stalkers. haha..i used to do that. Anyway...this is my first blog on a site like I really dont know what exactly to write about. At some point I plan on giving good reviews to a few items I have purchased recently. Not that I think anyone important is going to read this and think "oh wow im glad she likes it" but just in case....its there :)

Anyway...if you decide to follow my blog here is a little background on me:

Born and raised in the south.
I have four older, the rest are younger than me.
I am married.
I have two biological children and one step daughter who I love like my own.
I was divorced once.
My husband and I are both service members (although I'm getting out in September).
In real life interaction and online interaction I can come off as very abrasive and rough around the edges...but I'm really one of the nicest people you will ever meet once  you get to know me :)