Tuesday, April 17, 2012


So yesterday Kenny and I take Allison and Heather to the playground close to our house. There are always a TON of kids there. Usually all the kids are behaving badly and running around like wild yard apes, and they were this time too...except there was one difference that was nice to see.

There were a group of boys who were constantly picking on this one girl. They followed her around and picked and picked and picked. Well, I guess the other kids caught on because they ALL started yelling at the boys saying "Thats Bullying!!!" over and over until the boys stopped picking on the girl. I was just really surprised. Ten years ago no one would have ever said anything. I think its good and bad. I think its bad that bullying has gotten to the point where kids are killing themselves...but its good becuase that means kids are paying attention about bullying and they know its not cool or funny.

So anyway...thats what I saw that I was surprised about yesterday.

Oh..and Allison had a great time at the play ground!

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